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About Us

NYC-based M.A.D. Foods produces a curated market basket of specialty foods.   Inspired by our deep rooted French foodways and challenged by the demanding American palate, we’ve got snacks, meals, and midnight munchies wrapped up in our Aux Délices des Bois brand.  


Leading the way are compound butters, an indispensable, everyday garnish for home cooks.  Nothing like a schmeer of Black Truffle Butter on a Sunday bagel.  Toss a knob of Roasted Garlic Butter with linguine for a quick meal. White Truffle Butter stars on both fresh-picked corn and popcorn.  Add a dollop of Red Wine and Shallot completes a just-grilled steak.  For additional flavor profiles, check out our other brand, Butter Craft Provision.


Next up, animal fats. A healthy alternative to synthetic and vegetable oils, the animal fat category is often overlooked.  Duck Fat, a staple in Thierry's southwestern France culture, brings the crisp, crunch, and gently aromatic flavor to anything fried. Another high heat winner is Beef Tallow, once the reason McDonald's french fries were the standard bearer.   Bacon Fat is something we all assume we'll always have in the fridge...but often don't.      

M.A.D. Foods may be rooted in France, but not in the past.  We use cutting edge equipment, solid QA and certifications, minimal-impact packaging, and up to the minute methods to trap our products’ glorious, naked-as-the-day-they-were-born flavors.  


Our scope?


  • Aux Délices des Bois consumer-friendly butters and animal fats are sold in supermarkets and markets nationwide.


  • M.A.D. Foods maximizes the potential of its plants, equipment, and growth capacity by custom packing for all levels of the butter market, including foodservice, manufacturing, meal delivery, value added, and private label.


  • Logistics and infrastructure are in place to meet demands of all sales platforms.



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