“That guy could talk a dog off a meat truck!”


In 1985, Thierry earned plane fare to New York by selling lily of the valley bouquets on Paris streets. Figuring if one day’s efforts could buy an adventure, he could make a killing in New York. His first gig was peddling trendy clothes in Soho's Greene St. Market. He made a ton of money – for his boss.


Thierry sensed New Yorkers’ private despair at the dearth of wild mushrooms and truffles in the market. He founded Aux Délices des Bois with his new green card provider, er, wife, Amy. Soon, wild mushrooms such as porcini, chanterelles, black truffles, and morels were winging their way from Thierry’s old home in the Dordogne to his upstart warehouse in trending Tribeca.


To heft up the tons of wild mushrooms he shipped in, Thierry introduced other remarkable products: sea beans, crosnes, Cavaillon melon, fraises des Bois, French chestnuts, ramps, wild asparagus, white asparagus, and sea salt.


Who dat? 

He rode the tidal wave of food as fashion, and jumped off just in time – 2006.  The siren call of his family home brought Thierry into Producer mode.  Suddenly he was churning truffles into local butter, packing French flavor into kitchen table pâtés, and simmering duck legs in cauldrons just like grand-mere had done.  These hand-crafted comfort foods run the gamit of exquisite, rustic, elegant, down-home, and delicious.


Thierry is a fly-fisherman with his heart and home in the Catskills; you can often find him on the west branch of the Delaware River. He gets really ticked off when a neophyte enters the water upstream from him. Helloooo, what is this - a taxi grab?


His band, Contraband, would be a garage band if they had garages.  They have rocked out much of Bleecker Street, charity events (check out Rock & Wrap It Up), and all the important birthday parties. Original songs harness the fun, loss, and love on side.


Amy is still in cahoots with Thierry and the business. Like good French offspring, their two kids fry potatoes only in duck fat and incorporate truffle butter into every meal. 

Thierry Farges
President M.A.D. Foods