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Who dat? 

Thierry & Amy Farges
M.A.D. Foods

M.A.D. Foods is in the fat business. We revel in the magic of simple primary ingredients. 82% butter provides a base for unadulterated flavor add-ons.  Animal fats are simply ... that.  Our heritage French recipes are adapted to challenge and jazz up the adventurous American palate.


The never-trendy Aux Délices des Bois label is affixed to a chosen few, small-batch items.  While humble in its origins, the brand’s highly flavorful products have a silent yet sustained, supercharged following.


When Thierry Farges hit the New York shores as an aspiring jazz guitarist, he reached out for familiar foods. The ‘80s didn’t provide much in the way of truffles and ducks of his native Dordgogne….so Aux Délices des Bois was born. 

A mushroom cookbook author and French cooking school grad, Amy Farges handles recipe development and marketing.  Together, we share boisterous family meals, rich in flavor and conversation.  


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