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Got Recipes?

• Rub with breadcrumbs for a crispy, homemade mac ‘n cheese topping.
• Finish a wild mushroom fricassée, sautéed Brussels sprouts, pan-seared meat.
• Lard a leg of lamb; tuck under skin of whole roasting chicken or turkey.
• Top baked or mashed potatoes.​


• Stir into fondue/fonduta.
• Melt into risotto or piping hot pasta.
• Top a veal chop or fish steak.
• Tuck between leaves of artichoke.


• Swirl into pan for easy Shrimp Scampi or Veal Scallopini.
• Spread on bread for garlic toast; quick clam sauce.
• Top broiled, roasted, or grilled fish and seafood.
• Garnish just-picked asparagus or peas.
• Rub all over corn on the cob.


• Use as maître d'hôtel butter to top a steak.
• Incorporate into meatballs; tuck into beef, turkey, or chicken burgers.
• Swirl into pan sauces for seared fish, hearty greens, and tofu.
• Stuff into Portobello or cremini mushrooms before grilling.


Upscale Your Menus​​​

•  Use these melt in your mouth butters as a finishing flourish for hot foods or sauces.
•  Flavors blossom on contact with heat, yet tend to dissipate if butter is used as a sauté fat.  A good alternative is to soften and schmeer.
•  Why the 82% butterfat?  It melts evenly and more quickly than a standard butter.  Our AA rating indicates a fresh, pleasant-tasting butter.
•  You only need a dollop to transform an everyday recipe.
•  Just plop right onto the steak, fish, or other grilled food while it’s still sizzling.
•  Got blizzard?  Leave the grill in the snow and cook indoors.  Roast chicken with pats of Black Truffle Butter tucked under the skin.  Toss freshly made fettuccine with slivers of White Truffle Butter.  Rub shrimp all over with Lemon Herb Garlic Butter to broil. Top roasted monkfish or lamb chop with Red Wine Shallot Butter.
•  Because of its high butterfat content, butter can be frozen, defrosted, and re-frozen serially, without compromising its texture or flavor.


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