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Cooking With....Culinary Fats

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Beef Tallow  


Beef Tallow is richly flavored, joyously fatty, and abundantly versatile. True to tradition, it makes preserving foods and starting recipes a high-heat proposition.  

Simple chili starter - sear your meat for chili, beef stew, or slow cooker braise.  

Did someone say gravy?  Oh, YES.  

Crisp croutons to accompany soups such as minestrone or bean soups.

Start a stuffing, wild mushroom saute, or  even pastry with supercharged flavor. 

Hearty meals await: pot pie, cassoulet, hominy stew.

Confit game, rabbit, or even veggies. 

Bacon Fat

Bacon Fat brings porky, heady smoke to the party. Rendered from real bacon, its all-menu appeal goes from crispy breakfast hash to velvety dressings.

Jumpstart gumbos and chunky soups

Add smoke to creamy heirloom beans

Roll into biscuit dough, cornbread, tamales

Add flavor to comfort foods like fried chicken, hearty greens, and fried green tomatoes

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Duck Fat  


Duck Fat renders food crisp, glossed, and golden.   If you are treated to extraordinary crispy shallots, french fries, or chevre-stuffed rice croquettes, chances are duck fat was involved.  This natural fat is the anti-Crisco of frying, baking, and searing.  Get it into the hottest pan you’ve got. When it’s jumping, lay a layer of anything that requires high, high heat.   


Love your potatoes  any style:  wedges for steak-frites, tiny cubes for hash, grated for latke 


Get a smokin’ sear on wild mushrooms and meat  


Add golden color to grilled cheese, roasted veggies, and pilafs 


Deep fry wontons, fritters, pierogies, ravioli; tortilla chips 

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