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 Culinary Fats 

Keto diets, whole animal butchery, and a return to the farm have reinvigorated our tastes for naturally healthy fats. Aux Délices des Bois animal fats bring honest ingredients – usually just filtered fat and an antioxidant herb – to your recipes.  Each boasts a super high smoke point that delivers flavor-forward texture:  crisp, crunch, flake, and gloss. 

beef Tallow_edited.png
Beef Tallow


Beef tallow brings an amazing sear to pan-fried meats and vegetables. Bring on the burnt edges, the gloss, and rich flavor with this high smoke point fat.

  • Start a beef, game, or wild mushroom stew

  • Braise lean cuts of red meat such as venison or bison

  • Rub into killer Barbecued Beef Brisket son or bison burgers

  • DIY potato skins or tortilla chips

Bacon Fat_edited.png
Bacon Fat

When there’s no pork on your fork but bacon cravings come, reach for Bacon Fat.  Simply rendered from cooked bacon, a spoonful enriches any dish.

  • Sizzle skillet potatoes, farm eggs, hearty greens

  • Start corn or clam chowders, hearty chilis, or roasted veggies

  • Flavor croutons to drop into salads and soups

  • Bake flaky biscuits and cornbread

Duck Fat_edited.png
Duck Fat


Duck fat is the secret ingredient for golden, super crisp  fried, roasted, and sautéed foods.  Its high smoke point yields crispy, crunchy, golden, and flaky recipes.

  • Fry golden French fries, latkes, or wild mushrooms

  • Confit duck, chicken, or vegetables

  • Turn bitter greens or julienned veggies into a riotous food fest

  • Bake flaky pastries and biscuits

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