Animal Fats 


Ready to disrupt your usual recipes?   Jump start high-heat recipes with a major wow factor.  Sizzle the fat, drop in the wild mushrooms or potatoes or meat, and savor the golden, crispy crunch we all crave.  Aux Délices des Bois animal fats are small batch filled with honest, single-ingredient labels.  Traditional, old-world recipes bring grand-mere's kitchen to life in a surprisingly flavor-forward way. 

Aux Délices des Bois Natural Duck Fat 2010 sofi Silver Finalist
Beef Tallow

Remember when ... a certain fast food chain had the best french fries in the world?  We hear Beef Tallow was the Secret Ingredient.  This high heat cooking fat puts the sear on red meat, the beef in soups and stews, and the crunch, gloss and bliss in fries. 

Why Animal Fats? 

​Keto diets, whole animal butchery, and trans fats have changed the way we see the traditional, time-proven role of animal fats in our diets.   Just a spoonful of luscious, single-ingredient animal fat takes your fried, seared, or sauteed ingredients  to another dimension. 

Duck Fat


Duck fat is pure and simple – creamy ivory fat, slowly rendered.  It is higher in unsaturated fat than any other animal fat.  Use it for foods that require hot spitting mad fry temperatures, such as French fries, fried chicken, and spring rolls.