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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I buy your stuff?

We don’t sell direct to stores, so can’t guarantee accuracy here.  Below is a list of some stores that carry at least some of our products. You can also tune into for the chance to score deals during a flash sale.

Whole Foods Markets - The Fresh Market - Agata & Valentina - Lucy’s Whey - Schaller & Weber - Key Food - Piggly Wiggly - - Star Market - Big Y - Roche Brothers

Why are we called M.A.D. Foods?

​​Well, we liked the initials: M.A.D. can be shorthand for Marché aux Délices, our initial mad dash into specialty mail order in the giddy '80s. Of course, if you'd like to speculate on other meanings, by all means get the gossip mill churning! 


M.A.D. Foods honors the fat that makes everyone happy: the plump mama cow, the tired but proud farmer, and us - a joyous cohort of discerning slaves to the wonders of unctuousness and mouth feel.    


M.A.D. Foods’ dairy, duck, and pâté products prioritize protein with pizzazz.  No tricked out ingredients or impossible flavor combinations here.  Just the heirloom flavors of our European grand-mères, with foods that are hand-crafted right here in the U.S. A.


Our family artisans craft pure foods using honest to goodness ingredients. Rich high fat butter. Dizzyingly aromatic truffles. Sun-kissed fresh herbs. Milk from pasture-grazed cows.  Ducks a waddle’s width from the plant. 


We invite you to click around . . . and don’t forget to inhale!

What are all those awards that crowd the pages?

​errr . . . shameless self-promotion? The Speciality Food Association picks the cream of the crop. Its sofi awards are cutthroat, but damn, we’ve made the cut! The Good Food Awards, sponsored by the muckety mucks of natural, organic, sustainable, socially responsible, artisanal, local foods, rooted us out and raised us up.

Wary consumers always have the trigger finger on Google "Complaints".  We do that for you.  Click here to hear out our customers.

Seriously, what claims do your products make?

Aside from claiming to transform your spiritual life, M.A.D. is proud to share our products' "free froms" and "you bets".   Our 100% Organic Butter is just like the photographs in the Alice's Restaurant ditty..signed, sealed, checked, certified, and bonafide.  The 100% organic milk comes from 100% grassfed cows.  It's free of rBST, is never treated with artificial growth hormones, and has a minimum of 83% butterfat.


Our standard base butter is a minimum of 82% butterfat (the industry norm is 80%).  It is graded AA, meaning it meets the FDA criteria for fresh, yellow, pleasantly flavored butter.


Our ducks are raised cage-free.  A little breathing room is always nice, isn’t it?

What about allergens?​​

The butters contain dairy (noooo, really??).  If garlic is your bugaboo, check the Garlic Butter for clues.   Gluten's not an issue in any of our products.  No white stuff!

Sell By date

Aux Délices des Bois Truffle Butters store well for 18 months at freezing (32F/0C). When moving out of the freezer to refrigeration, retailers must apply a “Sell by” date, 6 weeks from date of transfer.

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