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Pâté & Mousse 

Pâté and Mousse is a charcuterie category that’s easy to fall in love with.  Pâté sounds traditional and old fogey French, doesn’t it?   But our All-American ingredients pop – a splash of liqueur, a jolt of black truffle, a flirt with full fat cream.


Sous-vide cooking captures the essence of natural meat, crunchy vegetables, creamy fat, and essential aromatics.  The petite terrines are perfect for one-time serving as part of a charcuterie assortment.


Enjoy a glass of wine or craft beer with pâté and thick slices of crusty baguette and crunchy cornichons.   Rough-and-tumble Pâté de Campagne, pulled-pork-style Pork Rillettes, and silky smooth  Mousse Trufée provide a texture for every taste.

Pork Rillettes


Shredded pork pâté is smoothed with fat and punched up with aromatic vegetables.

Go for tangy sides, such as kimchi, cornichons, and peppery fennel slaw.



Pâté de Campagne


What makes a pâté a country pâté?  Coarsely chopped sweet pork is sliceable yet yielding, since there’s no gelatin in it.   Perfect balance of lean and fat.   Humble origins with updated spices.  Tuck into a baguette sliced lengthwise, topped with cornichons.



Mousse Truffée


Rare and intensely aromatic black truffles permeate chicken liver mousse.  The flavor is at once elegant and earthy, the texture velvety and sexy. Topped with a little gelée hat.  Smooth onto crisp toast to enjoy with a creamy mushroom soup or a glass of bubbly.  


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