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6 oz. Uncured Genoa Salami
6 oz. Hot Sopressata
6 oz. Chorizo
6 oz. Fennel
6 oz. Pepperoni
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    Who’s your hero? Our hero is The Sandwich. Call it a sub, grinder, hoagie, bulkie, wrap, panini, or whatever…sliced charcuterie always stacks up to one mighty, satisfying meal. Craft your personal best with these gutsy, dry cured sausages.*

    GENOA SALAMI is a finely ground blend of 100% pure pork with a whisper of coriander. Pile onto a roll or flatbread, or wrap around a chunk of loud cheese.

    HOT SOPRESSATA'S Calabrian chilies, wild fennel seed, and cayenne pass up the burn for long slow delivery. Flavor messy Sunday omelets, yee-haw burritos, and stews.

    Award winner CHORIZO captivates the senses with Spanish smoked paprika and cayenne. Its enchanting flavor brings the spice to burritos, gumbo, and paella.

    Award winner FENNEL SALAMI is robust and licorice-y. Take it to the tapas table with a glass of wine or Pernod. Simmer in bouillabaisse, Portuguese stew, and lamb tagine.

    PEPPERONI is accented with hints of anise and cayenne. Perfect for epic munchies-time sandwiches and Make It Mine pizza.

    Aux Délices des Bois cured meats are crafted by hand in NJ. Pork comes from humanely treated, vegetarian fed hogs. Pork is free of added hormones and artificial nitrates. Dry cured sausage is shelf stable. We recommend refrigerating after opening to retain its toothsome texture.

    *We only sell ripe ‘n ready sausage, so we may substitute one or more of these varieties.
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