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6 oz. Sopressata
6 oz. Pepperoni
6 oz. Chorizo
6 oz. Fennel
7 oz. Duck Fat
5 oz. Pork Rillettes
5 oz. Cauliflower Mousse
8 oz. Black Truffle Butter
8 oz. White Truffle Butter

* We only sell ripe ‘n ready sausage, so we may substitute one or more of the charcuterie varieties.
  • Details

    Feel a snow picnic coming? Need a hostess gift for a culinarily challenged uncle? Tag this box “Party: just add baguette, cornichons, and a box of dirt cheap non-vintage wine”.

    SOPRESSATA jump starts the party. Punctuated with cracked black peppercorns, it pairs superbly with gamey goat cheese and Beaujolais Nouveau.

    PEPPERONI is accented with hints of anise and cayenne. Perfect for Dagwood sandwiches and top-your-own pizza.

    Award winner CHORIZO captivates the senses with Spanish smoked paprika and cayenne. Its enchanting flavor brings the spice to gumbo, paella, and cazuela.

    Award winner FENNEL SALAMI is robust and licorice-y. Enjoy with Spanish olives and a crisp white wine. Simmer in bouillabaisse, Portuguese stew, and lamb tagine.

    TOSCANO brings a hint of garlic to a gutsy, medium grind pork sausage. Sauté sliced Toscano into classic tomato and clam sauces, pair with a glass of robust red wine.

    Think of PORK RILLETTES as French pulled pork. Lean, finely textured pork is smoothed and spiffed with aromatics. Set out with the Opinel, crunchy cornichons, and crusty bread.

    CAULIFLOWER MOUSSE goes all-vegetarian. Fluffed with Provolone, and dotted with dainty diced carrot, haricots verts, red pepper, and butternut squash..

    BLACK TRUFFLE BUTTER Luscious butter packed with earthy truffles. Melt a disk over hot grilled steak, creamy soups, and pan sauces.

    Use WHITE TRUFFLE BUTTER, with its characteristic garlicky nuances to sauce pasta, veggies, fish, and bruschetta.

    Aux Délices des Bois cured meats are crafted by hand in NJ. Pork comes from humanely treated, vegetarian fed hogs. The meat contains no added hormones or artificial nitrates. Dry cured sausage is shelf stable, with recommendation that you refrigerate after opening to retain its toothsome texture.

    Aux Délices des Bois pâtés and mousses contain no gelatin or artificial ingredients. Sous-vide cooking extends its refrigerated shelf life to 90 days.
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