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8 oz. Aux Délices des Bois Black Truffle Butter
8 oz. Aux Délices des Bois White Truffle Butter
7 oz. Aux Délices des Bois Rendered Duck Fat
  • Details

    Talk about instant wow. Aux Délices des Bois award winning Truffle Butters are churned from Euro-style, high fat, organic milk. Intense flavors promise low- maintenance saucing and garnishing. Licking the spoon is so much like eating whole truffles, you’ll wonder where the pig is hiding.

    BLACK TRUFFLE BUTTER A confetti of black truffle brings earthy, almost chocolatey nuances to luscious butter. Melt a disk over hot grilled steak, creamy soups, and pan sauces.

    WHITE TRUFFLE BUTTER is almost better than shaved white truffle, with its characteristic garlicky nuances. Dress up lowly noodles, barely buzzing veggies, and much maligned toast with a dollop, schmeer, or swipe of extraordinary flavor.

    Harness Truffle Butters’ power by using it as a garnish rather than as a sauté starter. Leftover butter? Freeze, use, repeat.

    DUCK FAT won’t be putting olive harvesters out of business any time soon. But chefs who use duck fat for high-heat frying know it holds the heat better than for olive oil. Its subtle flavor, low-cholesterol profile, and high smoking point deliver both the pow and the wow to crisp-fried anything. Fry up potatoes, chicken, and wild mushrooms.

    Filter, freeze, re-use. Not from ducks raised for foie gras (not that they weren’t willing).
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